Tigernut Flour

Tigernut Flour

➡️What is tigernut flour? It is a light and slightly sweet #glutenfree#grainfree, and #nutfree flour option for those adhering to low-carb, gluten-free, and paleo diets.

➡️What is a tigernut? It is a small root vegetable (not a nut as the name implies!) that grows in Northern Africa and in the Mediterranean. Tigernuts are high in fiber, iron, potassium, protein, magnesium, zinc, and vitamins E and C. Did you know that 1 ounce of these crunchy root vegetables can contain about 40 percent of the recommended daily fiber intake?

➡️What are some other benefits of tigernuts? Tigernuts contain natural sugar, healthy fats, and have a high level of resistant starch, which reaches the colon intact. Resistant starch promotes prebiotic growth and supports a healthy immune and digestive track. TigerNuts are rich in prebiotic fiber. Prebiotics act as food for your body's natural organisms. They help your gut's natural probiotics thrive. It can also lower blood glucose levels and can improve insulin sensitivity.

➡️Which #paleoplatery selections contain Tigernut flour? You’ll find tigernut flour in our flakey chicken pot pie crust, crumb topped chicken pot pie, chocolate chunk cookies, carob chunk cookies, in the crusts of our chocolate silk pie and carob silk pie, our AIP banana muffins, and in our gingersnaps.

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