Hello! Thanks for checking out our page and joining us on our mission to help people with food sensitivities to enjoy food again. We are Conrad and Pamela (married for 25 years!) and we’ve been eating AIP/paleo since October 2017. Pamela had just been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and some research suggested that changing her way of eating could help her symptoms. We learned that following AIP (autoimmune protocol) has been instrumental in helping many people with an autoimmune disease and other chronic illnesses. Eliminating gluten, grains, dairy, industrial seed oils, soy, corn, legumes, peanuts, refined sugar, nuts, seeds, eggs, artificial sweeteners, and nightshades was certainly not an easy task. We struggled with finding food we could enjoy, we spent hours reading labels, and we cooked everything from scratch to ensure it was compliant. However, the difference it made in our health surprised us both. Who knew food could make such a profound difference?! Gradually we found some AIP food that worked for us, we were able to successfully reintroduce some paleo foods, we found some new products (yay Hot Logic 🎉) and some great recipes that helped make the transition to paleo into a lifestyle that we can maintain. Now we are hoping to be a resource and a relief for those living with dietary restrictions. We desire to be the company we wished had existed for us - especially at the beginning of our journey. 

Here we are on the day we received our permits for the commercial kitchen in December 2020:

and here we are one year later in our own commercial space:

In September 2021, we purchased a commercial property at 313 Day Street in Transcona:

We have currently transformed the front of the space at 313a Day Street into a frozen food warehouse. Our warehouse permit was approved on December 8, 2021. Our future plans include transforming the remaining space into a commercial kitchen and retail store front in the future. Orders placed using the promo code 313DAYPICKUP can usually be packed and scheduled for pick up within 24 hours. 

Here's where you will find us in downtown Transcona!

map of downtown Transcona - 313 Day Street

If you have any questions for us, you can email us at info@paleoplatery.ca and we'd love to hear from you!


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