We are pleased to carry the Siete brand of tortilla chips

*AIP reintroduction of chia seeds*

Try these with our *new* paleo nacho cheese hot dip!

"These should have been named Tortilla Chips: The Director's Cut. Our sister, Vero, made tortilla chips without any grains that taste better than any regular tortilla chip you've ever eaten. We were skeptical at first, too, but they're smooth and crispy and light and refreshing. Right when they pop out the oven, we make it rain with sea salt, so you can eat them straight out of the bag or with your favourite dip or salsa."

About the Brand:

Siete Family Foods was born when Veronica Garza's (Co-Founder & President) family helped her overcome a series of major health challenges. As a teenager, she was diagnosed with multiple debilitating autoimmune conditions that almost wrecked her life. I was fatigued, overweight, and depressed.

But with her family’s love and support, she was able to get better. Together, their family of seven (siete!) started exercising in her parents’ backyard, and they even opened up their own CrossFit gym.

The family began learning about the ways that food can either heal or harm. At her brother's urging, she decided to adopt a low-inflammation, grain-free diet, and the whole family chose to join in the journey.

As a Mexican-American family from South Texas, the tacos and fajitas that they used to enjoy on flour and corn tortillas just didn’t taste the same on a lettuce leaf! So she began making grain-free tortillas for the family, and they loved them. We knew we had something really special when her Grandma Campos told her that the tortillas tasted better than the homemade flour tortillas she’d made for decades!

Siete Family Foods is a mission-based company, and they are passionate about making and sharing real food, gathering together in authentic community, and advocating for healthier lifestyles among Latino families.

Sea Salt Grain Free Tortilla Chips

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